a thread of pauses (2021) still from video

a thread of pauses (2021) is a provocation. Interrupting etiquette of bureaucratic email exchange and explores questions of digital intimacies. Poetic in its construction, this interactive work is conducted over email where a message and video is received via auto-responder. An invitation is made to enter a dialogue by replying to the email. 

Interested in subverting and disrupting expectations of pervasive digital communications by creating a space to expand upon notions of listening, connection and relations. Listening as an act of intimacy and digital touch within these often reductive processes of communication where they operate within a fast, cacophonic environment of late-capitalist western living. What can we un/learn about listening within this disembodied space? What are the discontents of digital touch? Where does the information within an email reside materially, and physically, in real life?. 

Interact with the work via email: bureaucracy@gemmagore.site ​​​​​​​

A thread of pauses (2021) 4 minutes 41 seconds video work for email auto-responder.

a thread of pauses (2021) still from video

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