Another Urge (dear Moon) 2023

Cyanotype 1.5 x 1m 200gsm Fabriano paper, magnets.
Another Urge (dear Moon) is a video performance work and body of cyanotypes on paper that explores shapeshifting, thin materials and states of being, towards cosmic connection.

Capturing interstellar radiating energy and reflections from earth’s Moon. Undertaking these night time actions or expeditions as a strategy to re-connect to the cosmos. This video performance and cyanotypes on paper works explore the poetics of shapeshifting. Thinking through the capacities and the forces that transform materials and immaterials between different states of being and form. Flattened. Pushed. Spun. Crushed. Crumpled

Hands in the dark
Repetitious compressing gestures
Sheets of paper crumple
Folding time and space 
Becoming dense
Bathed in moon beams
From dusk to dawn
Bathed in water
Blue traces of celestial light remain.
Another Urge (dear Moon) 2023

Still from video Work-In-Progress
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