Laughter is a kind of breath work (2022) by PAC

This tea towel is a collaborative artwork intended to infiltrate and intervene in daily life created by PaP (James Aldridge, Gemma Gore, Laura Eldret, Annabel Pettigrew and Alys Scott Hawkins). It celebrates laughter as a collective act, as something that is produced by bodies and between bodies, something that binds groups, forms trust and hints at practices of breath and grounding.
PaC is a peer group for artists. Together we carry out creative investigations into the New Forest area and create a forum of support, sharing, caring and exchange to strengthen one another’s practice. We meet IRL to walk, sit, talk and often eat together. PaC was known as PaP at the time of the creation of this artwork.
The phrase “Laughter is a kind of breath work” was generated from a conversation between PaC members reflecting on what it is that we do together and advocating for others to do it too. The phrase is accompanied by illustrations of our time spent together in the Forest, legs on land, a mossy mule, hands in earth, sitting cross legged in circles.

Laughter is a kind of breath work (2022) 
50 x 80cm screen printed cotton Tea towel edition. By PAC.

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