A3 photocopied posters at NewBridge Project.

tender (2021) is a manifesto. A self-published zine with 16 mantra’s spread over A3 posters loosely bound by a blue elastic band, as well as a website hosted via a Feminist Server. Interested in the act of publishing and creating publics through making it public. Tender is an offering to explore inter-species earthly relational lessons around care. Presenting reflections and interactivity as a provocation to conjure a portal for un–learning and re–learning. By creating this work, I gesture towards emergent strategies that continues collective thought–work and actions towards harm reduction throughout trans-cosmic relations.  For me tender will serve as a barometer to hold close whilst submerged within the interstitial boundlessness of being an artist navigating the urgencies at this point of global crisis.​​​​​​​

Tender (2021) Manifesto
Self-published zine. A3 photocopied pages folded, elastic band.

Tender was supported by NewBridge Project and John Hansard Gallery. 
Font credit: Kaeru Kaeru by Isabel Motz (Velvetyne Type Foundry)
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